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Posted by DatCakeIzEhPai - July 5th, 2019

I'm opening my character design commission. I'm aiming to help everyone with their character design asset for video game, animation, comic etc or just making friends, while earning enough for school and drawing equipment. I'm looking forward to work with you guys!


For more example, visit my:



  • Only original character, fan-art and pin-up. No furries, anime or mech.
  • Background might included but minimal.
  • Pinups can be suggestive, sexy and provocative. No NSFW or 18+.
  • Price is per character with payment upfront via PayPal invoice.
  • Source file (.psd) is included for print ready.
  • I reserve the right to post the image, you can post it on your site but please credit me.
  • Please provide clear and detail references for the pose, character, color and mood board if needed.
  • DM or email me for more details on the terms, negotiate pricing and private work.


  • Step 1: Sketch - you can request changes to the drawing with up to 2 edits
  • Step 2: Color plan / Rough colors - you can request changes to the base colors (the sketch is no longer applied for re-edit at this point)
  • Step 3: Rendering and final image – you have 1 free edit at this point. Exceeding the amounts of edits will charge you 10$ per edits

Note: I will contact you via email or Discord to discuss changes and edits


For commission and business inquiries, contact me at

Email: minhkieu21@gmail.com

Discord: MinhK #5896

DM me! I also do fun & free art request but I only do it on my spare time. So a follow drop at my social media would be so much much awesome.




Posted by DatCakeIzEhPai - May 18th, 2018

Hi guys!

Just want to share some stuff and experience that I had for the past couples of months. This post is a deep nostalgic journey back to the time while I'm working on finding not just my art style but the identity of my graphic novel Stranded Land.

It is a rough one, including my hard time struggling to get a foot hold in America while dealing with social issues. I was swiming blind without knowing which directions to go.

That was until I read HP. Lovecraft's Tales of Horror in my college library that gives me the push I need. A theme. And idea struck. Why not combining a stylized art-style of Disney and edgy cartoon in a Lovecraft's universe? There I knew what I had to do.

Still, making concept art with limited resource and knowledge was difficult. So I practice live-studies while working on this project at the same time. To improve with a purpose.

Let's have a look at the "never-released" concept artwork of my characters in the Stranded Land in 3 months (from November 2017 to April 2018)


It is a rough journey but it pays off in the end. My plan for the future would be publishing my first art book and launching my first pilot on my new website that I'm currently working on. Later, I'll have a hard-cover printed book published with different story arcs. At this moment, I'm going over their designs one last time to make sure the characters are all fully fleshed out and ready for novel.

Lastly, I want to thank NG for providing me a place to put my artwork here for everyone to enjoy and everyone who has been giving me the love and support. Special thanks to @JozzyForge, @Coolkitten13, @YonusBahtzee for the moral support and @Tarantulaben for scouting me.

Hopefully, in the distant future, this project would come out decently successful. But it is not my only project at the moment. There are still more that I'm preparing. Can't wait to share them with you guys soon. Chào!

All of the high quality versions are on my Artstation:



Posted by DatCakeIzEhPai - April 30th, 2018

My first announcement on NG. Seems weird to me but anyways works.

I have this idea that has been hovering around my head for more than two years since my departure from my beloved Viet Nam (I never like it though). I never planned out everything from the start and everything was a mess until I finally hit my first step in college.

I’m working on a very ambitious project, along side with other one but not as big as this one. The title, Stranded Land, a graphic novel/comic/game project that I finally now have the confidence to announce the start of development. After 6 months of hiatus, which is developing and finalizing the art style, the character designs and the mechanic of the game, I believe that hit the right spot and it is official now.

To clarify some of the details and with all honesty, I haven’t started on writing or scripting the game since I’m alone a student who is only in second year of college. I do not plan on releasing the comic this year since there are way too much stuff to learn and do. So, this announcement, just this one, is just a me saying “hey, I have this cool idea that I want to make it a reality and would you like to stick along and see my development journey?”.

Lastly, I just want to say, this is a really big project so it won’t turn out to become something big. That’s why it is better to keep a skeptical eye just for this time around. But if you guys really, really want to see it happen, I’m planning on setting up a Patreon to help me build this project even more, not today but sometimes in the future. I’m a hungry artist and a human, I need food to draw. For now, graphic novel first, game, later.

Start here:

So, what is Stranded Land? It is about a cosmic realm where Life and Death have been removed from the scene, nothing new is being born and nothing old is going to die. A realm where every living entities are immortal. Sounds like a paradise eh? Not exactly. The entities are immortal, not invulnerable, so they could still die like a flesh bag; every entities suffer insane amount of stress and insanity generated by the realm itself and there are eldritch gods lurking around the corners of the realms. Now, the cast of the characters. The story style is a sitcom telling stories and adventures of the residents in the Stranded Land. Each chapters are a different story with different timeline and characters plot line that discover the personal depth of each characters. Basically, Lovecraft in Disney style lol.

The Faction of Stranded Land is the background that I build the world around basically. The residents trapped here will never get out and after a long eternity, they have established these factions to keep everything under control and suppress their insanity. They don’t afraid of losing their lives because they know they are expendable but they don’t want to lose their minds. The unique feature in each residents is every time they die, they get resurrected by their technology and magic and become a little bit insane at a cost. Representing by their black eyes. With that out of the way, let’s begin on the factions, and the people.


The Corsto - Technology & Education: This faction is responsible for developing drone, stasis tech and gathering data from new lands beyond the Outer Lands while educating the New Comers to the land about its properties.They design these little orbs or Wards as they would call them to aid in researching and unlocking the mysteries the lands have to offer.
5985439_152513048292_House_Myriah_web.jpg The Myriah - Trading & Occult: This faction, comprise of blood suckers and addicts from the royalties, by far has the largest market available for every factions to engage in different peculiar business practice. However, they have a horrid story behind the crimson curtain.

5985439_152513077293_House_Xenex_web.jpgThe Xenex – Supplies & Services: This faction provides supplies and munition for the Stranded to fight off against hostile eldritch entities while playing a vital role in stabilizing each resident’s mental state. They also have the largest and only restaurant for the elegant tasters.

5985439_152513095772_House_Khyber_web.jpgThe Khyber – Containment & Security: This military faction stands between the safe zones and the hostile entities that would corrupt the entire lands. They are also weapon manufactures and mission overseers. They provide expeditionary bounty for the residents to contribute in keeping their safe zone, safe.

As for species, we have Skulldwarfs (little cute mashmellow dwarf that has razor teeth with unlimited stamina), Eldrian (beautiful males and maidens with inhuman agility), Vampires (blood suckers with high occult power), Fallen angels (Prophet), Synthetics (Soldier, Monk, Doctor), Marionette (Criminal and Caretaker, modified humans to withstand more stress), Leper (Detective and Psychiatrist, Eldrian or humans infected with the Leper plauge) and Hive l(Nomad and Storyteller). Each species have different attributes and abilities that make them stand out from another while keeping them unify in style. It's fantasy. A bit of Tolkien into the mix.

End here:

These are what I could reveal so far. However, if you want to see more of my development phase and process for 6 MONTHS of excruciating pressure, please come check my Artstation portfolio for sketches since I'm not posting sketches on NG:

So, do you guys have questions you would want me to clarify? I would love to engage in conversation and feedback to help further improve this ambitious project. I know the story is vague and not entirely fleshed out but I really don't want to say anything that I couldn't promise. Still, every feedback helps. And do be polite and don't be a bad person, I don't like that, noone does.

Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 270+ FOLLOWS! I never care about follows and stuffs since all I care is about making arts and character design but it seems rewarding somehow. However, I know I'm not very active on NG and giving feedback, reviews to other creators because I'm so flooded with different projects, not just Stranded Land and I'm all alone on this path of creation but I will try my hardest to actively engaged in the community. No promise.
And spread some love across my Insta since it is the only place I could both post sketch and artwork there on a daily basis or something near like that (also the UI is so clean <3): 


Finally, thank you guys for reading this long post and I'm hope it was worth your time!