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Comments (5)

I have never found a patreon Ive ever really wanted to donate to. But I'd absolutely throw some support your way if you decide to make one!

Oh yes, I'm working out some stuff with patreon and the reward tiers. Love to have you on the ride m8!

It is worth of my time. Those arts looks awsome!

Thank you! Glad it was worth your time :)

Good luck and I hope you'll enjoy doing this project as much as we'll enjoy giving it a try)

Thanks you! I can't see if I'm really enjoying doing this project but I do enjoy making arts. Really appreciate your moral support!

I've absolutely, NEVER commented or reviewed on anything at all on newgrounds for the years I've known it, but I just had to dust off my log in info (Of an account I made way back in the day just to be able to search for lewds in the site, lol.) to write something to you.

First of all, I absolutely love the style you've been able to develop and it really looks like it'd be fun to know more about these characters (and watch them move and interact, your animatic was great btw), be it by graphic novel/comic or videogame, matters not. I know just the aesthetics alone would draw a lot of people in! It seems like you have a great idea and I hope you're able to flesh out the details of your story bit by bit, I know I for one would be excited to look out for it.

Be confident! I'm fairly certain your project will attract a lot of people both to help you and to enjoy it, and you must be able to believe you've got the right stuff to be able to steer that ship! I hope you'll be able to have fun as you work on your ideas and share them with the world. Hope to see more whenever you make! Good luck and cheers! You've certainly worked hard and it shows, keep it up.

Wow! This is the longest and the most dedicated pep-talk I've ever received and thank you so much for that! And wow, I never thought that I would reach to this point. I guess I can't afford to quit on this leviathan size project. Thank you again for the moral support. In the future, I'll be updating more info and possibly a kickstarter to allow to follow this path much more easier.

@Mikel1105 @DatCakeIzEhPai I'll be keeping an eye to support you!