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Comments (6)

Agh, of course, man! I've always been a big fan of your work, and I can't wait to see how you develop your ideas in the future. :D

Thank you very much! I'll keep you up to date on expectation!

I just got here

I have zero regrets

Welcome to the family pal! Glad that you are here to see my evolution and the project I'm doing.

It's such a euphoric experience to just be able to sit back and look at what you have created in the past and not compare it to your new work. Just take it in and notice the growth that has occurred. Good luck on your graphic novel and I definitely want to read it!

Thank you so much! You would probably be expecting a pilot of this novel. Like a demo for a big product to see how it would look like. Glad that you enjoy the journey.

Its super inspiring to hear about how you came to create Stranded Land. Keep it up!

Thank you! I will and I'm looking forward one day we can do collab work together. Just say the word man.

Best of luck with your artistic endeavours, you have excellent character designs and a very cool, unique style!

Thank you very much! If it weren't for you, I won't be able to have the platform to develop my work. I'll be sure to always keep you surprise with my progress.

So inspiring! I can't wait to read this!!

Out of curiosity, how long have you been building on the idea for this graphic novel for? (I'm still finding my footing with my own story and have been stuck like this for ~4 years.)

2 years and still counting. However, I finally got the basic premise of the story. Right now, I'm going over the characters and the artstyle one last time before starting developing the first pilot chapter, expected to be in June, probably. Glad that you enjoy my work.